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The Supervisory Board of the Bank

The Supervisory Board of the Bank

The Bank's Supervisory Board is a body subordinated to the General Shareholders Meeting. The competence of the Supervisory Board includes: convening of the annual and extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting; approval of the Management Board members; appointing the Chairman of the Management Board and making decision on early termination of his powers; defining the Bank first priority activities; making decisions on authorized share capital; making decisions on implementation of a number of transactions as provided for by the Russian Federation legislation and other questions.

Monthly Supervisory Board meetings allow to coordinate tactical purposes and tasks as well as execute monitoring of the Bank activities.

William F. Owens
INED Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Roman I. Avdeev
Member of the Supervisory Board

Vladimir A. Chubar
Member of the Supervisory Board

Lord Daresbury (Peter)
INED Member of the Supervisory Board

Andrew S. Gazitua
Senior INED Member of the Supervisory Board

Thomas G. Grasse
Member of the Supervisory Board

Andreas Klingen
INED Member of the Supervisory Board

Sergey Yu. Menzhinsky
Member of the Supervisory Board

Ilkka S. Salonen
INED Member of the Supervisory Board

Alexey A. Stepanenko
Member of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board committees

The Supervisory Board committees were created to undertake a preliminary study of the most important matters reserved to the competence of the Supervisory Board and to provide relevant recommendations. They serve as a venue for the open exchange of opinions and an in-depth study of the matters being considered.

Audit and Risk Committee

Strategy and Capital Markets Committee

Compensation, Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee

The Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary reports to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The Corporate Secretary's main objectives are: to ensure the Bank’s bodies and officers comply with the requirements of the law, the Charter and internal documents of the Bank concerning observance and protection of rights of the Bank's shareholders; to ensure observance of the procedure for preparing and holding General Shareholders’ Meetings and Supervisory Board meetings, to ensure observance of the mandatory disclosure procedure, and to improve the Bank's existing corporate governance practices.

Svetlana S. Sukhareva
Mailto cs@mkb.ru

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