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CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW Has Become a Top 10 CEE Bank by Equity

CREDIT BANKOF MOSCOW has landed 10th among the largest banks inCentral and Eastern Europe byTier Icapital inThe Bankers Top 1000 World Banks 2017. Globally, CREDIT BANKOF MOSCOW isthe 506th largest bank 82 notches higher than last year.

The Banker also gives other financial indicators ofthe Top 1000 banks grouped bycountries. Inparticular, such data shows that CREDIT BANKOF MOSCOW isthe most efficient Russian bank with aCTI of22.1% and number two byasset quality (NPL).

During the 6 years ofbeing present inThe Bankers annual ranking, CBM has notably strengthened its capital positions compared toother banks inthe world, having climbed 316 notches upfrom the 822nd spot assigned toitas atend-2010. Such asizeable result was produced byits sustainable and efficient growth strategy supported byits shareholders.

The Banker isanauthoritative English monthly financial affairs publication which ispart ofthe Financial Times group. The Banker has been published since 1926 and isread inover 180 countries around the world. The Bankers ranking published in2017 covers 16 Russian financial institutions excluding foreign banks' Russian subsidiaries.

The underlying methodology isdiscussed at: www.thebanker.com/Top-1000/2017/2017-regions/Top-1000-World-Banks-2017-Europe

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