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The Management Board of the Bank

The Management Board is an executive body that manages the Bank's current activities and provides execution of the decisions made by the General Shareholders Meeting and the Supervisory Board and the recommendations of the Audit Committee.

The Management Board is responsible for tactical management and makes decisions related to the current activities of the Bank. The Management Board is led by the Chairman of the Management Board.

Vladimir A. Chubar
Chairman of the Management Board
Vladimir A. Chubar
Born on July 18, 1980 in Bezhetsk, Tver region
Education The Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation (2005)

Vladimir Chubar has been keen on mathematics since childhood, and, most likely, this was what predetermined his choice of career. His decision to work in the banking sector was made after graduating from Moscow Banking School of the Bank of Russia: "It was challenging to pursue a career in a financial institution and to study at the Finance Academy at the same time, but also very interesting". He's been with CBM since 2004. "A fifth-year student at the Academy, I got a job in the Bank's Financial Division and in less than four years rose from a junior position to the Division Director", tells Mr. Chubar. His creed is to always aim higher: "Everything is possible, nothing is beyond reach. You just have to keep moving forward, no matter what. Any stop is a step back. If you opt for a pause, expect to be bypassed". This standpoint has been largely shaped by Mr. Chubar's love for sports. "I used to play much volleyball and basketball. Sports have both infused me with a sound competitive spirit, and taught me to analyze my actions", he explains.

He is still very fond of sports in his leisure time. Another passion is travelling. "Lately I've taken to going to towns around Moscow. At first sight, they are too close by to evoke any curiosity, but in fact just beyond the boundaries of Moscow you can find many interesting things. It's all about the itch for discoveries", confesses Mr. Chubar.

Dmitry A. Eremin
First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
Dmitry A. Eremin
Born on December 14, 1978 in Moscow
Education The Academy of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (2001), Moscow Institute of Economics and Finance (2003)

Dmitry Eremin believes a career may well start with experience in various fields to facilitate the right choice. Interestingly, this choice was not a hard one for him: "I began with foreign intelligence, then worked in a small bank "Raschetny Dom". He's been with CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW since 2002. "As the corporate segment was where I rose professionally and got market experience, this business has always had an appeal for me". According to Mr. Eremin, the corporate banking business will be the main driver of CBM's income: "By the year-end, two thirds of the loan portfolio will be attributable to corporates". Ambitious plans rest on a robust standpoint: "You have to set goals and achieve them. No need to bend before the changing world, let it bend before us instead", Mr. Eremin quotes a well-known Russian song. However, no use overestimating yourself, either, notes Dmitry: "I keep coming across juniors who think too high of themselves. They are not as bright as they try to look". Dmitry teaches his children to judge fairly their own abilities. Will they follow in his footsteps? "My son will likely work in the banking sector, but I'm not sure about my daughter", smiles Dmitry. He spends all of his free time with the family. "We like staying in our country house", he says.

Svetlana V. Sass
Member of the Management Board, Chief Accountant
Svetlana V. Sass
Born on April 1, 1965 in Moscow
Education Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (1987)

Svetlana Sass has been working in banking sector since 1992: "My job is interesting. A lot of changes happen all the time. No way to get bogged down with routine". Before joining CBM, Svetlana worked at Russian Universal Investment Bank, Impexbank, Russian Credit and Holding Credit banks. She has great plans with Credit Bank of Moscow: "A new IT system is about to be implemented, to which the bookkeeping will be switched over. We can and we should improve the accounting system by making it more integrated into the entire banking process".

Svetlana Sass rejects flatly the 'woman's place is in the kitchen' cliche. Contrary to that, she notes, today business women are much more successful than their male colleagues: "Age and gender may only matter for the first impression, but then people will judge you from your competences. Being a woman can only hinder me where emotions can't be held back. They are allowable within reason, but business requires a cool head".

Svetlana thinks the fair sex has a restriction in business as most women are not ready to sacrifice family for career. She tries to spend all her free time with her loved ones: "We go to the theatre, exhibitions, countryside, and barbecues with friends".

Darya A. Galkina
Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board
Darya A. Galkina
Born on June 20, 1981 in Moscow
Education Moscow Academy of Economics and Law (2003)

Darya decided to become a lawyer while still at school, so she went to a specialized lyceum. She graduated from the university with honors. Before joining CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW, Darya worked at Integral bank. "Since the bank was small, I managed to study the bank lawyer's job from various perspectives such as lending, operations and litigations, and identified the most interesting areas for me", she says.

Darya joined CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in 2006 as a senior credit support lawyer in the Legal Department. "I think I made no mistake with the choice of occupation, because any bank lawyer is not confined to his subject alone but is free to expand his outlook on all the issues the bank faces. While making due diligence on other companies, we get to know how they operate, what peculiarities exist in that area", says Mrs. Galkina.

Darya believes the key success factor is to care about what you do, who you work with and what's going on around you. "You can't achieve what you don't care about. You will never win over those who you neglect. Interest in the surrounding developments helps find effective, creative and innovative ways to solve any problems".

Darya admits she likes working in an ever developing team, enjoys participating in new projects and living a vivid and eventful professional life. "My colleagues are no longer just guys with whom to tackle working issues. The Bank is where I've found many friends and soulmates", she says.

In her free time, Darya Galkina prefers to travel with her family and friends. She likes ethnic music which she believes very clearly reflects the spirit of various peoples. She enjoys photography, cycling and alpine skiing.

Yury A. Ubeev
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
Yury A. Ubeev
Born on October 21, 1974 in Vladimir
Education East Siberia State University of Technology and Management, degree in management (1996).

Mr. Ubeev's track record includes membership in the Management Boards of various Russian credit organisations. Mr. Ubeev joined CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in August 2011 as Vice President of the Bank. On October 16, 2012 he was appointed a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board. Since October 22, 2012 he has been a member of the Management Board of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW. Mr. Ubeev supervises the Bank's international and interbank businesses and operations in the securities market. His oversight spans the Bank's open-market debt programmes and projects intended to enhance the Bank's performance in financial markets and expand cooperation with Russian and foreign financial institutions.

Alexey V. Kosyakov
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
Alexey V. Kosyakov
Born on August 12, 1983, in Vidnoe, Moscow Region
Education Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (2006), Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (2009).

Alexey Kosyakov has been working in banking sector since 2005. Before coming to CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW Alexey worked at "Russian Standard" bank, International Moscow Bank, Swedbank and Bank of Moscow. Alexey Kosyakov joined the team of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in April 2011 as the Head of Consumer Lending Department. In July 2011, he was appointed Director of Retail Lending Division, and the Head of Retail Business Directorate in February 2012. Since the 9th of October 2013, he has been a Member of the Management Board of the Bank. He was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank on October 15, 2013.

In his new capacity Alexey Kosyakov will supervise the retail business of the Bank while controlling further achievement of strategic objectives – increasing the share of the Bank in the market of retail banking services, further improvement of work efficiency of the Bank's branch network and development of remote channels of client service.

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