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Information for shareholders

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is highly committed to communicating with its shareholders and giving them access to its information and documents.

This section will provide you up-to-date information about the Bank's shareholders, shareholder calendar, registrar and dividend payments.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact the Corporate Secretary at cs@mkb.ru.


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Shareholder Stake
"Rossium Concern", LLC 55.73%
JSC "Asset Management Company "Regionfinansresurs" 8,79%
LLC IK Algorythm 7.31%
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) 4.01%
JSC "IG Capital Partners" 2.61%
LLC Algorythm Invest 1.39%
LLC VektorInvest 1.2%
Chubar Vladimir Alexandrovich 0.01%
Ubeev Yury Alekseevich 0.002%
Other minority shareholders 18.948%


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Investor calendar


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's share register is maintained by JSC "R.O.S.T. Registrar" .

Full name Joint-stock company "R.O.S.T. Registrar"
Registration Joint-stock company "R.O.S.T. Registrar" was registered by Moscow Registration Chamber on 22 November 1993 (Certificate of State Registration No. 447.993). JSC "R.O.S.T. Registrar" is entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities under Principal State Registration Number (OGRN) 1027739216757, on 18.09.2002 by the Ministry for Taxes and Charges' Interdistrict Inspectorate No. 39 for Moscow.
CBR License No. 045-13976-000001 dated 03 December 2002 (indefinite) for registrar activities
Banking details ING BANK (EURASIA) JSC, Moscow
INN: 7726030449
KPP 771801001
Current account: 40702810620001002263
BIC: 044525222
Correspondent account: 30101810500000000222 at the Operations Department of the Moscow Main Territorial Office of the Bank of Russia
Registered address 18 bldg. 13, Stromynka Street, Moscow, 107996, Russian Federation
Postal address 18 bldg. 13, Stromynka Street, Moscow, 107996
Phone Phone: +7 (495) 771-73-35
Fax: +7 (495) 771-73-34
Website and email https://www.rrost.ru/ru/


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